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8. Serendipity

Day 8 , 27 July 2019


A Very Happy Monday !

After a very relaxed and slow day yesterday, I was excited for today. I had met some wonderful people Petra, Aleks, Masa and suddenly people became more important than places for me on this trip . although on my solo trip, I felt a connection and affinity towards these people.

As you know, earlier I had plans for water sports at Soca river valley but then Masa had asked me if I can join them today to which I had instantly said YES.

I had my breakfast and coffee, and then Aleks and Nina came to pick me up. To be honest ,I didn’t know how this day was going to turn out. This was NOT AT ALL on my list. On one side I felt I’m giving up on my experience at Soca river valley but on the other side, I was going to spend a day with the my new friends. I was still in two minds.

Aleks dropped us at a very amazing place and went for cycling with Masa,While me and Nina just relaxed near the river. It was a pleasant place. Families would come there for picnic.

We went for a short swim. Nina returned to read her book while I stayed in the water for some more time. The water was clear and the place was very peaceful. It felt nice, being there in that moment.

Soon Aleks and Masa joined us. Masa is one hell of a swimmer and loves adventures. They swam for sometime and then we sun soaked ourselves talking about what to do next. We were having a great time.

Masa suggested we go to her weekend home for lunch. I was open for anything. Thankfully we made it home in time ,as it started raining heavily thereafter.

So, Aleks is a freelancer who works “at great heights” and Masa is studying engineering. And they were both in Kobarid to spend time together at their weekend home. Luckily this time I got the chance to be with them .

Yesterday at Hisa Polanka we were discussing about the food and drinks in Slovenia. I had expressed my desire to eat local food “Frika “ which is apparently too heavy for the stomach and the beer had made us so full, we didn’t order it. So this amazing host Masacooked Frika for me. I was overwhelmed with this gesture. Frika is a made up of potato, eggs and cheese and it tastes YUMMMY and indeed its very heavy.

We were eating our lunch and then came Masa’s parents and aunt. It was now a full family gathering.

I couldn’t have imagined a better Saturday lunch 😊

While it continued raining heavily, we started drinking beer. I think they have more beer in the house than water and rightly so , lol. And then began the series of conversations. I told them about our population and density, and they were shocked. Masa’s dad and Aleks began thinking how so many people can live in such a small area . Slovenia is a very big country area wise with less people. They Googled things about Mumbai Delhi and were left astonished. Then we discussed food and spices. We watched so many Youtube videos on how to make different Indian delicacies. I later gave them menu to try at an Indian restaurant at Ljubljana.

*Later that week Masa even tried making Panipuri on her own and had sent me pictures.*

Youngsters in Slovenia can speak and talk in English while elders use in their local langaue . So Aleks was our translator that day

And then we came to the most debated topic of the day “Indian marriages “.

I told them how arranged marriages are still the most popular format in our country and how we spent so much money on wedding celebrations. I explained them the concept and process and they were stunned. I could make it from their faces. They’re like so you marry someone you’ve just met a few times and spend the rest of life. Haha, I said yeah, that’s how it is. Although things are changing now but its still a very stable and trusted form of relationship in India.

*I gave it a thought myself and thought, yeah, its weird for someone to hear about it. *

While we are at this enjoying our drinks, Masa’s mother drops a bomb. She goes, “You see this man”, pointing at her father. “We are unmarried yet happily together for 28 years and “.

And boy, Wasn’t that the best thing I heard on this trip?

I literally chugged my beer and was elated. It just occurred to me how beautiful this is. Why does anyone need to name their relationship. If two people are happy together, that’s all that matter, right? Love and companionship got a new meaning for me at that moment. Not that I don’t believe in marriages, I absolutely respect and adore this constitution. Having seen happily married couple in the family, I very much believe in them. But this gave me a new perspective and I absolutely loved it. It changed my outlook towards a partner. I would rather be with someone and enjoy life while growing with them than tag him under the name of husband and burden with all the responsibilities our society entrusts. May be before that I looked for a partner to spend my entire life with, after this I look for a partner to grow with irrelevant of a time stamp or tag. It just made everything seem so simple and beautiful.

This moment definitely called for shots. Masa’s mom was my shots partner today, we had the snopc, another local drink.

Later I showed them pictures of my family, how we celebrate festivals and our colorful clothes, Specially Sarees.

Then we had desserts. Its called trilece and it was very tasty.

The rain had stopped now, we went to click pictures in the beautiful scenic view outside.

Soon it was coffee time. Aleks taught me how to make coffee so that I can use Petra's gift when in India.

Then we went for an evening stroll with the dog. I couldn’t believe the beauty of this place. These guys are so lucky to have this view at a walking distance. The crystal clear river, the greenery, the nature everything we city people crave for. Life got a new Perspective that day.

When we got back, we had family dinner. Bread,cheese,meat .Aleks taught me how to make a sandwich with these things.

After a hearty meal it was time to leave. I bid my good bye to Masa's parents They were too happy see me happy travelling alone and wished me safe travels.

We four went to Hisa Polanka for our last beer together.

It was Sunday tomorrow and so less commute options for my next destination. While we drank our beer, Masa tried her best to make my journey tomorrow easier . She even wrote sentences to use at the stations, lol. How sweet of her !

I was so happy in my head, I didn’t care about tomorrow.

Saying goodbye to them was so difficult. It had been an amazing day. Not even for a moment I felt I was away from my people. That day I forgot I’m on my solo trip , it felt I’m with my closest of friends and family. Such a safe and warm feeling.

Now that I think, there was no reason for this family to be so generous to a stranger they barely knew but I learnt a big lesson,

Kindness over everything.

I did not regret not going to the Soca river valley. God definitely had planned a better experience for him. I got memories, Friends and lessons for life. I really hope to see Aleks and Masa some day and wish them the best of life.

With a very heavy heart, I hugged them a good bye.

I got back to the hostel at 12.45 AM and slept off.

This indeed was the best day and I started believing in Serendipity even more .😊

For those who don't know , the meaning of serendipity is 'the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way'

Learning from the day : Be open to new perspectives, it will surprise you in unexpected ways.

Them ,celebrating our Anniversary at Hisa Polanka on 7/26/2020

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