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21 . Birthday in Amsterdam

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Day 21 , 09 Aug 2019


Good morning !

This morning when I woke up, my phone was full of messages from friends and family In India. I got myself amazing breakfast in the hostel's cafe, while talking to my parents on video call.

I had slept well after the space cake yesterday. Slowly I recollected things from last night. Then I remembered my conversation with someone and it hit me. It was someone I used to be close to but wasn't anymore. I won't call it a relationship.

So the deal was I liked this person and really looked up to him . I wanted nothing but happiness for this person. But I never got a good treatment from him.

I got a message from Maxim on Couch surfing. He was in Amsterdam until evening and I had dinner plans with my Dada . So we had the entire day . I got ready and when I stepped out it was RAINING.

It reminded me of my birthdays in India because I don't remember a single birthday when it didn't rain and it continued here as well. It felt like home, lol.

I met Maxim at the central station and then got a water land ticket and hopped on a bus. So maxim is a Russian guy studying in Prague. He did not know it was my birthday. We went around many places today. And I couldn't have wanted a better birthday.

We stopped at a place , I don't remember the name. It was still raining ,We had some really good fish at a small food stall.

This place had less people, it was kind of a small port. maxim loved boats I believe , he went to click pictures

We were drenched in the rain ,so we went to a cafe for a hot coffee.

I answered a few birthday calls from my friends here as I got internet in the cafe . We left from here and explored more beautiful places.

So while we were exploring places Maxim told me about himself. He was from Russia but has moved to Prague for good. He's pursuing his PhD from Charles University . He told me about his life in Prague. The college, the people, the culture and everything. It was a great conversation. Made me think what could I do to make my life better. It was a good time to set a goal as I have reached my 30 today ans I tend to stick to birthday goals always :)

Overall it was a great time spent with Maxim. We reached Amsterdam by evening and this was my last trip with a stranger on this trip. I just thanked God to have met all these wonderful people over the last three weeks. I got to learn so many new things about this world and myself with them.

I got back to the hostel. Dada was to pick me up for the birthday dinner. We were going to the famous Indian restaurant tonight.

It was almost 7.30 PM here and sun was bright. We reached the restaurant . Dada had already made reservations. It was a typical crowded Punjabi restaurant.

For the next few hours I forgot I wasn't in India. There were so many people, constant chit chats, aromatic food everywhere. I felt good about this place. We had tandoori chicken and chicken biryani and it was really delicious. While we were eating, it had started raining again, the weather turned upside down. Around 9.30 PM Dada dropped me back at hostel.

I saw an Indian girl at the reception. Now this was my second last day in Europe and finally I meet another fellow solo traveller from Delhi. I was happy to see her. She had just checked in . We thought we could go out later tonight around the city. Her name was Shalini.

So we two got on the streets again. She just had one day in Amsterdam as she was moving to London tomorrow night. So tried to see the city as much as we can at night.

We went to see the red light district again. Shalini and I were thrilled and nervous at the same moment. Remember I had been there with the couch surfer ? It was a totally different scene at night. So many men and so amazing women . I felt bad for them but I was sure nobody does it out of their own will but situations.

We then went further and came across this square and got to witness the bells ringing. I was a delightful experience.

We got back to the hostel by 12 or so and I slept off. Thus ending my birthday on a good note.

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