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7. The Awakening !

Day 7 , 26 July 2019


After a crazy day and the unexpected yet amazing events on my second day in Slovenia, it was time to move again. Lake Bled was a big enough reason to love Slovenia, isn’t it ? Vintgar Gorge came as an added surprise with adventures of course.

Well there was another reason too. Remember Soca River valley? The Soca river flows across many places in this country including Kobarid ,which was my next destination. I really wanted to go for the water sports here. I’m scared of water but this trip meant facing my fears. From the pictures the water looked so clear and mystical, I knew I wanted to go there. I had chosen this place as hostels in other places got full and this was the only one available and it looked great in pictures. Also, Petra had recommended me this place.

So like always packing my bags, and having my coffee breakfast I’m ready to leave. But hey, how did I miss Petra? I didn’t. She was such a sweetheart. Infact throughout my journey to Lake Bled yesterday, she was keeping a check on me if I was alright. She knew I didn’t understand the language and people didn’t know English. So through voice messages for the people she told me exactly what the signs meant or what to ask for at places. I know what you're thinking ! Who does that for a stranger from another country ?? Well this girl did. 😊

It was time to meet Petra, YAY . She came to see me at the Ljublana city centre. It was amazing to finally meet someone you’ve been talking to virtually for 2-3 months. We walked around the city centre while she told me few interesting things about the place and then we had a coffee date. Petra loves India, the culture, the colors the spices. Everything.

That's Petra .

Now remember I was carrying things from India to gift to people. I knew Petra loved colors so I got her a typical Rajasthani Bandhani dupatta, She was so happy to see it. I’ve invited her to visit India, I really hope she makes it 😊

She gifted me a lovely memoir and the coffee powder grown in her hometown since she knew my love for coffee. How thoughtful that was !

It was time for another goodbye. But before that Petra did another BIG favour to me. She booked me a cab from Ljubljana to Kobarid though a local app since my balabla ride cancelled on me. So , for a 2 hour journey I was to find some guy named Aleks near a petrol pump.

I headed there with my stuff and met the guy. He had two bikes on the top of his car, that seemed interesting to me. Aleks seemed to be a shy guy at first. But you know I talk and I talk a lot. So I started talking and then we picked up a friend of Aleks’s on the way who was on her way to some metal concert.

This drive had amazing views too. It became another fun ride with lots of stories about India, Slovenia, Music and what not. I felt I’m living my best life. We dropped the music headed friend at a town before Kobarid and continued. By now me and Aleks have gotten really comfortable talking. Somehow he gave me a very warm friendly feeling. Soon we reached Kobarid and Aleks dropped me off at my hostel. It was a very small town, like really small.

Before leaving, Aleks asked if I’d any plans for the evening.. Honestly, I did not. I wanted to rest and probably just explore the town later. Aleks mentioned that him and his girlfriend would be coming to this beer place called Hisa Polanka and I could join them. It was at a walking distance from my hostel. I told him to text me when they come and If I’m not tired I’ll join . The reason I wanted to rest was because I wanted to go for the water sports the next day. I didn’t know if we would be meeting again.

Now, I get into the hostel and WOW! It looked great.

I checked in, put my stuff in place and freshened up. I was very hungry now .I went to the kitchen and I saw the owners having their lunch. They were so kind, they offered me food. The owners are Russians and they were in India last year. They love Indian food and they had Indian spices in their kitchen.😊

We had a great talk about how they set up this new hostel. They were very surprised to see an Indian girl travelling alone across Europe.

I went back for nap and then in the evening I got ready for another stroll. The hostel was really nice.

As I said, this was a very small town. I asked Ana the owner about what I can see here. She told me about the church up there. So I went to see the church, I’d enough time with nothing to do. I reach the top and BOOM!

See for yourself !

I just sat there listening to those bells and watching the incredible view. It felt refreshing and calm . I literally spent an hour there doing nothing. It was so peaceful.

* put your earphones on *

I began to think about the days so far. How in just 7 days I felt different about myself ! Every day I took chances, met strangers, did things I usually wouldn't, ate new things,danced on the stage, drank beer alone, spoke to people without a common language ,stayed in hostels. All of it. I began to think of my family and friends back home now. How those people may have looked at these things and how comfortable life is with them around. Had I not come here, I would have never known I could do all these things by myself. I was surprised and happy to recognise and accept the new me, the stronger and better me.

We have a certain kind of behaviour towards people in our life depending on our relationship with them which we tend to abide by in all circumstances . When these people see us changing (good or bad ) , they are not comfortable. Some accept us, some don't. I don't blame them . They are used to see us in a fixed frame of behaviour. This wasn't the situation here. Nobody knew me here, I could be the way I want without the fear of being judged or framed in a fixed way.

I breathe freedom, of being myself.

It was a liberating moment of realisation for me. The breeze felt even more refreshing and empowering. I was at peace, both with my heart and mind.

It was about sunset time now, I started walking down. And got back to the hostel and sat in the common area. And then I see this. This again made me happy.

I connected to few more people there. While Interacting with them, I get a msg from Aleks. They were in Hisa Polanka. It was almost 9 PM and raining. I was also carrying an umbrella. I walked to the beer place and there I see Aleks, his girlfriend Masa and her friend Nina. So Now that I was just 5 min walk away from the hostel I thought of drinking good tonight. This place was so lit. They had amazing beer options. I asked Aleks to choose my beer and it was great. I told them about my trip so far and about India. Lots of things.

Two beers down, It was time to call it a night and then Masa asks, Whats your plan tomorrow? Well it was water sports, but the region was expecting rains, so I said none. I’d to figure out what to do. Then she says why don’t you come with us tomorrow. High on beers I say, SURE.

And that may have been the best drunk decision ever 😉

Aleks, Masa, Nina and myself at Hisa Polanka

I managed to reach the hostel and slept. Aleks was suppose to pick me up the next morning.

Learning from the day: Accept yourself while you improve yourself .

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