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15 Blackforrest !

Day 15 , 3 Aug 2019


I got ready very early this morning, didn’t even get time to have my coffee. Kiran gave me take away coffee and I hugged her a good bye. Time went so fast with her, really enjoyed my stay here.

Sleep deprived me

I had a bus from Stuttgart to Freigburg at 8 AM. Last 2-3 nights I had hardly slept. The maximum sleep I got was 5 hours a night.

So,I slept in the bus and directly woke up at Freiburg. When I got down, Swanand was waiting for me at the railway station. He had taken an overnight journey from Belgium to reach here. Our other three friends couldn’t join us today , we’ll be seeing them tomorrow at Heidelberg.

As we were 5 earlier, we had booked an Airbnb but we were just 2 now. So we had this big place for ourselves. We headed to our Aibnb place and freshened up. Soon we got ready and got back to the station to go to lake Titisee. It was a 50 minutes train ride. Before that I had a quick snack at the station.

Swany is my friend since our first year of engineering. Of the 12 years that I’ve known him, this has been his constant state. I have seen him sleeping like this in labs, group studies, lectures, library , home studies and where not. Somethings never change right.

We reached Lake Titisse. It is in the southern Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg surrounded by the long tall pine tree forest. This is the place where the blackforrest cake come from. I was very excited to try it at its origin.

The place looked wonderful. Tall black wine trees everywhere and the sky was smiling blue.

We went for a pedal boat ride in the lake and the views we got from the centre of the lake were just mind blowing.

The greens and the blues looked terrific from the centre . It was literally the blackforest. People usually stay here camping overnight . Had we been 5, we could have done that too. I could only imagine how wonderful an experience that must be.

Post the boat ride we went for lunch. I’d a pasta, Swanand had a pizza. It was not so good but better than Venice,lol.

There were many souvenirs shop here, we shopped for some. The weather was good. Everybody around was drinking beer. We were saving space for the cake,lol.

We weren't much hungry after the lunch so ordered just one piece of cake but this one piece of cake was so huge.

First bite in and I taste liquor, damn. It was sooooo good. I never knew this cake was supposed to have alcohol. The lowest layer was full of alcohol . Finishing the cake we went for a walk in the forest, and clicked some photos.

We headed back to Freiburg as I wanted to explore this town as well. It was similar to the castle base yesterday. We went to see the church, it had great architecture. We walked around and had a coffee and snack before returning to our Airbnb.

We got back and slept too early. Next morning we had a bus to Heidelberg and it was also Friendships day then. It was such a great coincidence that I was going to meet all my college friends from almost 12 years now in Germany. I was looking forward to tomorrow.

The day was long but good. My eyes were happy with the mindblowing views today.

Learning from the day : The original blackforrest cake has alcohol.

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