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14. The Walt Disney Castle ...

Day 14 , 2 Aug 2019

We woke up at 5 AM today . I was sleep deprived but excited to visit the Neuschwanstein castle. It was almost 4 hours of train journey so we thought we could sleep on the train.

This train had a cool cafe inside and different kind of sitting arrangement than my earlier train experiences.

We got ourselves coffee and settled in our seats. This was a very different experience for me.

The views on this journey felt straight out of the story books. So green and small houses with cute designs. Kiran took a nap while I couldn't take my eyes off the window scenes. I wanted it absorb it all. I felt like getting down and go there.

By 11.30 we reached the base of the castle. The weather was pleasant, not too hot. The first view of the castle from the base looked like that in a fairy tale. I couldn't wait to go up there .

We had to take a bus from here but we were hungry. The food prices at the castle base were quite high. We didn't carry anything to eat from home. I had bratwurst , that's a German dish.

Soon we got on the bus and reached atop. That was the view. There was another castle as you can see in the picture but the main was Neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein castle is a fairy tale-like castle that inspired Walt Disney to create Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. Their logo is inspired by this castle.

Kiran had booked us a guided tour inside the castle. We were not allowed to use our cameras inside. As we walked past each section, the guide would explain about each room, how the King lived.

Damn it was so royal. The curtains, bed, furniture everything has been retained and maintained so nicely. It felt like some King was living there at present. Amazing experience this was, just the way I'd imagined a castle from inside.

It was a 40 minute tour, post that we had coffee in the Castle's cafe, that felt royal. It was cheaper than the food at the base, haha.

After the tour it was time go the bridge built specially to get the best view of the castle. You know your friend is lucky right ? Remember Prague castle ? Well , the weather changed here too and it started raining, haha. And Man, what a view !

I was really happy to be here, felt like I'm in a Disney movie. Most of the Walt Disney picture stories are based in a place like this.

The rain stopped , we got down to the base. The train to Kiran's home was in another 3 hours. We went to eat food in a small home like cafe. The spaghetti they served was yummy.

Now that we had a happy heart and tummy, we went around the town. It was so so colourful. Also the rain had made it fresh and pleasant.

Such a beautiful place !

It was now time to head back to the train station. Then began Another 4 hour journey of amazing views.

I was totally in awe of these green lands. It brought so much peace to the eyes. Was just wondering how it must be in winters, covered with snow.

We got home by 10. It was a tiring day . We had light dinner and I packed my bags as next morning I had to leave for Freiburg to meet my next set of friends .

I had yet another great day with Kiran today.

After seeing another dream in reality today , I slept off immediately after hitting the bed.

Learning from the day : Fairy tales exist if you're dreamy enough.

The castle in winter

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