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A Journey Within !

I hope life is treating you well during this pandemic. I'm writing this journal in July 2020. Its been four months in this lock down alone with nowhere to go. So,I thought of reliving the best trip of my life that I took exactly one year ago, a solo Europe trip. It shaped me in so many ways, I had never imagined.

I wasn't at my best during the first half of 2019. This journey was my challenge to self to do something that would leave me surprised and it did. It was a 23-day trip with a new learning, along with adventures and meeting so many amazing people.

This was my first international solo trip covering seven countries. I'd planned it from scratch all by myself and I couldn't be any prouder.I hope to walk you through the wonderful days and emotions I went through last year ,one day at a time .

The girl that went on the trip wasn't the same that returned . She turned into that happy human.

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22 de jul. de 2020

Wondrous !!!


21 de jul. de 2020


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