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18 Waffles, Fries and Beer, B'cos Belgium !

Day 18 , 6 Aug 2019

Brussels , Belgium

As we reached home very late last night, we woke up late today. Earlier we thought to do a day trip to Bruges but I was too lazy and decided have a relaxed day moving around Brussels .

Ever since Germany, my days were starting with tea instead of coffee. :)

Tea to begin the day

I wanted to eat the waffles to know what’s the hype about. So we got ready and went to the famous waffle place in the city centre.

The Belgian Waffle !

I tried the waffle and well it was delicious. I understood why people love it here, very much justified.

Then we walked around the market place. Swanand has been living here for an year so he knew the city well. Went to a mall checked out a few things but didn't shop.

Next swanand insisted me to try “ Belgian Fries “. I'm not a fries person but apparently Belgium has the best ones so I tried. however, I didn’t like much, too oily for my taste.

Later we saw some famous places in the city centre like Grand Place, the central square. All over the world it is known for its decorative and aesthetic wealth. It is surrounded by the guild houses, the City Hall and the Maison du Roi. The Grand-Place is considered as one of the most beautiful places of the world. Is it also featured in the movie PK.

After this we went to see Tintin's house, the Manneken Pis and shopped for souvenirs. We also went for chocolate tasting because Belgium , haha. This place is famous for all the high calorie stuff, lol.

Fortunately Swanand is a good photographer and so I managed to get a few good clicks from him.

After all the eating and roaming , we came home and rested since in the evening we had plans to go to the Atomium and Belgian Beer.

We had poha at home as the day was full of eating and drinking today. At night we left around 8.30 PM . This was comparatively a less crowded city,even the trains were empty . Also there are many foreign people here. So I didn't really get the idea about how the people and culture here is exactly. It was more about waffles and fries and beer.

We went to see the Atomium. It was now 9.30 in the evening but wasn't dark yet .

Post that we went to see the Grand square again as it lights up at night. It looked amazing and was full of people.

It was 10.30 now and so we headed to the famous beer place in Brussels. Its called The delirium cafe. You can enjoy more than 2,000 beers from around the world. Delirium Café holds the Guinness World Records for the number of beers available for tasting : 2,004 record obtained in 2004.

That was definitely on of the best beers I've had . The party was still on . The crowd was amazing. I'd a good time there.

We had to leave now as next morning I had a bus. However, I again went for the waffle one last time, it was that good

We got back home and slept . Next morning I had a bus at 8.

This was probably the shortest duration of me staying in a country but I really enjoyed the food and drinks here.

Well here ended my trip with friends, from tomorrow it will be solo again,yay.

As much as I enjoyed travelling with friends but I missed the solo travel . I had 5 more nights to go on this trip and the last stop is what I was excited for the most all through my trip.

Learning from the day : As much as I love to socialise, I love being with myself the most.

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