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17 A small stop at Frankfurt

Day 17 , 5 Aug 2019


After an amazing Friendship’s days with my college buddies I had come to Sameer’s home last night. Today was more of travel as we were to head to Swanand’s place in Belgium. We woke up quite late. Rumi made us breakfast and tea.

From here we would be taking a bus to Frankfurt while Sameer and Rumi will leave for their respective work.

With Rumi and Sameer

We left post lunch and Frankfurt around 2 PM .Our connecting bus to Belgium was in the evening. So we had enough time to see around. We kept our bags in the lockers room at the station and headed out.

Frankfurt was much like Mumbai, just cleaner. And yeah so many Indians. Even the number of Indian stores and restaurants were high around the station itself.

Me and Swanand explored the place. Frankfurt is the financial capital of Continental Europe and the transportation centre of Germany. It is home of the European Central Bank and the German Stock Exchange. It was good to see around.

As we had enough time, we just walked and explored places.We walked to the Main and clicked many pictures there.

Thankfully the weather was good and since it was Monday there weren't many people .

We came across this cute fair near the Main river.

So today my the last day at Germany. As I had mentioned I wasn’t expecting much from this country. It was just to meet my friends. But it turned out unexpectedly pleasant and I visited some amazing places in this country that I’d remember for life. Specially the castle. Guess my friends made it even more special for me.

I had no plans of visiting Belgium but it was halfway between Germany and my next destination, so I just thought of dropping by to enjoy some Belgium waffles, fries and beer.

Soon we returned to the railway station and boarded our bus. It was going to be long 7-8 hours of journey.

We reached Brussels quite late at night. We took a cab to Swananad’s home and crashed as soon as we reached. I had just one day stay in Brussels before I hit the last and best lap of this trip.

Over all it was a very relaxed day with nothing much to do but travel between countries.

At the river Main

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