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13. Break from Solo Trip

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Day 13, 1 Aug 2019

Stuttgart Germany

Its a beautiful day .

I reached the Stuttgart Airport at 9 AM , that's where the bus dropped me off. From there I needed to get on train to go to my friend's place. I was excited to see a familiar face after all these days alone. Kiran was my flatmate in Pune and now works here in Germany.

Well the reason I chose to visit Germany on this trip was solely my friends. I had no expectations from Germany to be good or anything as I had from Italy. I just wanted to meet my friends here. Almost 80% of my college group came here for their masters and now settled here.

Earlier Kiran was going to pick me up but I told her to make my favorite breakfast instead and save time while I would travel alone.

Kiran guided me with all the station names and train and I managed to get one to her place. Germany is not for the English speakers, lol.

That was my first train travel in Germany. In an hour's time I reached Kiran's home. She has a cute apartment in a very amazing area closer to a train station. And she welcomed me with this ,

God, I cant explain my happiness when I saw this.

Eating bread cheese in breakfast for last 10-12 days had me sick. I so badly craved for this.

That's my host for two days here :)

So I'd been travelling for 12 days now, I just emptied my bag and put it all in the washing machine. it was such a bliss to be here exactly halfway through my trip.

A close friend, Indian food , washing machine . It was like home away from home. Thanks Kiran !

After the breakfast I took a shower and got ready. Kiran wanted to get a haircut so we went to a Salon. I was liking this place. It was much calmer than Italy, also very less people. No tourists at all, just residents. Felt like a break from travelling, lol.

While Kiran was getting a haircut, I did this (Because I love mirror selfies, haha)

It was almost 3 PM now. There were no plans as such for today. In the evening Kiran would show me around the town . We got home and had this amazing lunch , God I missed spicy food.

Spicy chicken for my soul..

I was having a gala time here. After this super yum meal, we took a nap. Then around 6 PM we got ready and on the road again.

Well, this city was unexpectedly nice.

We went to a mall, shopped a few things and then had these delicious pancakes.

As we were exploring further, we came across a beer fest. It was a Thursday and yet so lively as if people had no office tomorrow. This place brought me joy.

We were having a great time talking about our days in Pune. Kiran has been inviting Me and Kanchan for a long time now and we were postponing every time but I was glad to have finally made it here.

Later Kiran took me to a very famous beer place in Stuttgart and then began the real talk. It felt good drinking with a friend at a local place in a different country where we were looked upon as foreigners and were hit by a good number of men, lol.

Prost !

While we were there, we wished Kanchan a happy birthday on a video call as her birthday had begun in India. We got back home around 1 AM and slept . The next morning we had our train at 6 to another dreamy place. You'll know about it tomorrow.

Overall I had a splendid day with my friend in a foreign land.

Learning from the day : Come back to your roots when you feel lost !

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