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10. The Floating City

Day 10 , 29 July 2019


I woke up quite late this morning as I had to leave for my tour at noon. Matt and Brianna were already gone. I felt lazy to cook so took a breakfast in the hostel for 7 euros. Well it wasn't that good but I kept some fruits from the breakfast platter to be eaten during the day.

Next day I was to leave for Florence but had not booked my bus ticket. Remember, one of my Forex card was not working ? So I was kind of trying to use money wisely until I meet my friends from India in Germany. I asked one of my friends in Germany to book my bus ticket from Venice to Florence for tomorrow.

After breakfast I spent some time in the hostel planning the day. I'd been in touch with a girl from Venice in a travel group who guided me for the travel around the city. She suggested I take train from Main station to Santa Lucia station. From there I could get on the ferry and go to the islands.

The mirrors were really tempting here ;)

I got ready and went to the station. Bought a day ticket and hopped in the train. Soon I was at the Santa Lucia station. It was a really hot day, hottest so far .I had to keep myself hydrated all the time.

* We think India gets too hot in summers, but the rays here seemed too harmful *

If you have seen the movie "The Tourist ", it pretty much shows the whole of Venice. I recalled the movie . Full of lanes and canals . Couples enjoying romantic Gondola rides . Restaurants and shops in each corner. It was a typical tourist place.

I got the ferry ticket and got into one to go to Burano Island from Santa Lucia.

It was a very colorful place with fishermen houses. Today it was full with people. Of all the places I visited so far, Italy seemed to have the maximum travellers.

Thank God for the fruits from the breakfast platter, I was able to survive the heat today.

I manged to get one decent picture amidst the crowd .

I was exhausted, so just sat in a park until my next ferry to Murano Island came. Remember how I would talk to strangers earlier? Here in Venice, I just didn't feel like doing any of it although the place was full of people. Here the vibe was different.

In sometime the next ferry came and then came the Murano island. This place was even more colourful. It is famous for the manufacturing of colorful glass. The shops here were interesting and vibrant. They had amazing stuff made out of glass.

Some pictures from the islands

As the sun was getting stronger ,I just wanted to sit in a cooler place. So, I returned to the Santa Lucia station and went to a restaurant as I was hungry too. I ordered myself a full meal. It was better than last night but expensive. I spent 15 Euros on this.

The sun began to come down now and it started getting cooler. I walked around looking at these large markets. Italy apparently has the biggest market. Travellers shop in Italy the most . I had no intention to shop on this trip. I would just walk into the shops , see the stuff and leave. Although, I collected postcard from each city I had visited , I've them decorated in my bedroom now :)

I also got few souvenirs for my friends here in India.

After a walk in the market, I treated myself wth the famous Italian Gelato. Now that was really good.

It was almost sunset , I returned to my hostel. I wouldn't say it was a great day for me. May be I had high hopes from Italy and hence wasn't satisfied.

However, the hostel was awesome. It definitely made up for my "not so fun " day. Matt and Brianna had left for their next destination. I didn't get a chance to say them a good bye but we are still in touch .

I sat by myself sipping my usual black coffee enjoying the music in the hostel backyard.


I was glad to have booked this hostel. I may not have enjoyed thi city but met great people and had an amazing stay at this hostel.

I went back to my room, packed my bag as tomorrow I have a bus to Florence at 10 AM.

Another day comes to an end !

Learning from the day : Sometimes our own expectations disappoint us.

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